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"Walk the Talk" Men and Boys


A Canadian study done in 2012, called Hemorrhaging Faith, showed that half of Canadian young people had not remained in the church as believers after they had grown up. It found that parents are the most important spiritual influence in most youth and young adults’ lives. Parents demonstrated this by their  practice of Bible reading, prayer outside of table grace, and regular attendance at worship services.

At St. Paul’s we are determined to work to reverse that trend by encouraging the practice of the three spiritual disciplines by the men of the church who are significant modellers for their children.

It is based on 3 premises:

  1. Men open up when together, more than in mixed company.
  2. Although they may be strong in their faith, men are often uncomfortable talking about it.
  3. Men love to eat.


It’s called “Walk the Talk” and has the following objectives:

  1. Help the men and boys at St. Paul’s and in the community to grow spiritually.
  2. Model the Christian walk in a secular culture, 24/7 not just Sunday.
  3. Mentor younger men and boys to help with decisions around education choices, careers, and families.


What we do:

  1. Hold monthly breakfasts (September through May, except December) at St. Paul’s on the last Saturday morning  of each month, about 2 hours long.
  2. Have a simple hot breakfast, a video presentation/discussion, or speaker, or an activity, focusing on a particular theme.
  3. Offer service for others such as helping seniors, do yard and community clean-up, do lawnmower and snowblower repairs, etc.
  4. Hold purely fun events (hikes, fishing, bowling, cannonball runs,  etc.)
  5.  Encourage the men to bring sons/grandsons and invite friends.


There is no charge but we encourage you to RSVP to the address provided each month.