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Welcome to St. Paul's Church, Nobleton, Ontario

Our purpose is to connect with God, grow in Christ, serve in community. To learn what it means to become a follower of Jesus, click here.

Our worship style is very informal. Hear a welcome message from our pastor.

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Service Times

Sunday Worship: 10 a.m.

Upcoming Services

Sunday, July 2 - Guest Preacher: Grant Vissers


5750 King Road, (1 km. E. of Hwy. 27, between Wellar Ave. and Greenside Dr.)

Contact Us

Telephone 905-859-0843
5750 King Road, Nobleton, Ontario L0G 1N0

HomeFront Weekly Devotionals for Families


Week of June 25

Dirt, so useful when we are trying to grow flowers or vegetables or grass, but such a bother when we are caught in the mud, or get some on our favourite clothes.

The first hearers of the Parable Jesus taught in Luke 8: 4-15 relied on dirt to eat.  They grew most of what provided food for their family.  So, they will have understood the 4 kinds of soil that Jesus was referring to.

  1. Make dirt pudding.  Using a chocolate pudding mix, spoon some into serving dishes, and using things like brown M&M’s for rocks, graham crumbs for soil, etc., create the 4 soils in your dessert before you eat it.
  2. Take a trip to a pick your own farm.  Include your harvest in a dinner this week.